Friday, March 14, 2008

Start of another new sweet blog...

The 1st day I'm starting my blog for Sweet Merveilles. It's been more than a year that my sis and I started our baking biz with this name. Since then, more contacts were made and we created friendly relations with the people in the network. Now, its time for us to move on to more opportunities besides our current site.

Let us start again with what we have started from our current site. Sweet Merveilles was created after we fell in love with the taste and look of Macarons / Macaroons. First taste we had was from Paris, Laduree. During that time, we were not very keen to explore if there are any macarons selling here in Sg. Eventually, we started with trying out making the Macaron ourselves. Many times we had attempted to make these cuties..but we were still unable to get the "feet"!!. Right!....It was so frustrating. Honestly, this macaron was, by far, the hardest cookie to bake and soo much effort, time and care had to be put into making it.

Well.... long story short, we manage to learn from an expert about macarons. Our first attemptin baking after the lesson, SUCCESS!!! The "feet" was there!! And what's cracks!

And since then, we have got more and more supports from friends and family. These macarons are the most temperamental food we've ever made. Each time we try making it, it will often gives different consistency and height of the "feet". Nevertheless, we enjoy making it.

More pictures will be added into this blog. So come and visit us again.......hopefully we're able to show more pictures of our products.

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