Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using Photoshop

I've been reading alot of tutorials for photoshop. Actually what caught my attention is the beautiful designs of monogram. I just love to look how simple of just 2 or 3 letters can make a nice monogram. Why didn't I think of this before I got married. I would have make my wedding card more special and personalise.

Anyway, it took quite a lot of pratices into using the Photoshop. All this while I've only been using it for simple editing. All is takes is your creative thinking and a good colour combination. Get the right font to go with the right occassion. I'm using version 7, and there are a lots of not so many nice fonts in there. But I found nice fonts to download from It's free to download.

Did try to make some "SweetMerveilles" monogram......but doesn't turn out like it suppose to be......Hehhehehe.....

Anyway, I'll try and postup at least one of the monogram that I made later.....(I promise). Then you can tell me if it's ugly.

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