Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dare to bake

I had a request of making a large macarons (like a cake) for a wedding gift. I've never tested or made it, although did ever thought about it. Ispahan has been my favourite. But seems to me that too much ingrediants to use.

I just took the chance to do it anyway. Since my friend SJ requested macarons like Tiffany's colour, to incorperate with her Tiffany's Calla Lilies, I then made a large macarons of 9 inch in size. Filled the inner part with dark chocolate ganache, also lychee buttercream and arranged the circumference with fresh raspberry. First time did it, and it really taste GREAT. Although for original recipe, it does call for rose flavour to be added too.

At the same time , I've already make arrangement with SK for some photoshoots. I love the outcome of the picture. Just great.

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